Private Lessons

Feel like you’ve hit a brick wall with your current training program and need to get out of a rut? Want to boost your strength and flexibility to the next level through individualised and tailored coaching? Need help with finding your own style and adding polish and sparkle to your movement?

Our private lessons and one-to-one training can help!

This coaching is tailored to your own specific needs and goals, no matter level you are at. Our instructors will share their expert tuition and advice with you to help you to push past your own boundaries and achieve your pole goals, and more! Work at a pace that is tailored to your own schedule and

Available by pre-booking and request only, please call us to arrange a session. You may avail of semi-private training by sharing your lesson with up to 1 other student also.

Not in Dublin? Skype lessons are also available, anywhere in the world!

Private studio lessons start from €85 per session (discounts available if you bring a friend!). Call us on 083 187 3602 or email to discuss your goals and to set up your private training.

jess pole fitness class in dublin

The amazingly patient instructors and incredibly supportive students are the reason why I continued and I am SO glad I did! Once I embraced the fact that it was ok not to be good at a new trick (or body-roll) right away and to enjoy my body and sexuality instead of feeling self conscious about it, I was free! Now I feel so much stronger and I really notice it when I’m doing things like carrying groceries or lifting my suitcase into the overhead storage on a plane. I feel more confident in my body and I even like my jiggly bits now.