Private Lessons

Take centre stage and shine…

Are you ready to take your pole dancing to the next level?

  • Do you have a competition coming up that you need to prepare for?
    Feel like you’ve hit a brick wall with your current training program and need to get out of a rut?
  • Need help with finding your own style and adding polish and sparkle to your pole dancing?
  • Need support and help in overcoming nemesis tricks?
  • Want to boost your strength and flexibility to the next level through individualised and tailored coaching?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, we hear you and we have your solution!

We are opening up space on our schedule to take on 5 students who want to push past and grow beyond their comfort zone. We are offering the opportunity to be coached by current All Ireland Pole Dancing Champion Leanne Cummins and multiple Irish champion Arlene Caffrey, for those who want to become the best possible pole dancer that they can be!

Fill out your details below to take action and apply to become one of our private training students!

Please note, we are only taking on 5 dedicated and motivated students who can commit to a minimum training program of 60 minutes per week for a minimum of one month. You MUST be available to apply!

For the first 5 who sign up, we are offering a discount on our Private Training packages of up to 20%.

By filling out your details above, we can get a better understanding of your needs and make sure that you are the right fit for this training opportunity.