Video Blog 47: Fankick Tutorial

Hey polers!

Last week I had the pleasure of teaching some of our wonderful ‘Introduction to Pole Dance’ students while Leanne was in Poland teaching her workshops. I’ve always loved the beginner basics in pole dance; if you’ve taken any of my classes or read any of my other blogs you’ll know that I’m passionate about the “old classics” in pole dance, as well as my preference for making a simple move look like a million dollars rather than worrying about a new-fangled dare-devil trick.

I had so much fun teaching this ‘basic fankick’ to our ‘Intro’ girls (as we call them here at IPDA!) that I wanted to share this tutorial with everybody!

pole dancing dublin tutorial

I love this move for many reasons:

  1. It looks crazy impressive
  2. It’s super versatile
  3. Because spreadies galore!
  4. The best reason: it’s easy to measure progress with this move

When I was a beginner student myself I used to struggle with performing this move slowly and with control, not to mention I had awful trouble trying to point my toes and keep my legs straight. However, I noticed massive improvements over a period of several weeks once I started to pay attention to the finer details…

Which finer details are those? Watch the video below for a full breakdown of the move, and check out this list in addition! Here are some things to consider when seeking to improve this move, no matter what your level is:

  • Retract your shoulder blades down your back to ensure your lats are engaged
  • Try with both legs bent, and pointed toes
  • Try with both legs straight (keep the toes pointed, always!)
  • Now that you’ve got both legs straight, try to widen your straddle (or your spreadie) by using your active flexibility (ie; strength) to pull your legs apart
  • Slow down your movement by ensuring your shoulders stay engaged and by focusing on core control
  • Play with transitions: remember this fankick is a beautiful element and not just an ‘exercise’! What can you transition into from this move? There are endless opportunities for movement!

Try this tutorial and share your progress with the fankick on the Irish Pole Dance Academy Facebook Member’s Only Group and on Instagram @irishpoledanceacademy!

To your success,

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