Founder / Pole Dance Expert


Arlene is an ‘old school’ pole dance legend and is the heart and soul behind the Irish Pole Dance Academy. When Arlene started taking pole fitness classes (with her mum) as a keep-fit hobby back in 2006, she was a quiet, reserved graphic designer with no fitness, no strength or flexibility, and then went on to become the first ever Miss Pole Dance Ireland in 2007, and has won many titles since. She never set out to become one of Ireland’s leading pole dance experts and champions, it just sort of happened organically! Arlene has traveled the world to compete, perform, teach and develop pole dancing into the art form that it is today. When not training on the pole, Arlene loves drinking tea, spending time with her cat Ollie, listening to rock ‘n’ roll music and Burlesque. She also works part-time as business coach helping fellow fitness entrepreneurs get their business on track!


  • Miss Burlesque Ireland 2016
  • Award
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