Video Blog 15: Jamilla Tips

Another one of my absolute favourite pole tricks, the Jamilla! It’s such a classic move that looks beautiful no matter what your level of flexibility is. It can be used for so many creative transitions, and it looks damn hot just on it’s own.

This is an intermediate trick; you need strong wrists!!! You should be able to perform basic inverts, handstands and basic flag comfortably before you attempt this trick. You MUST train it on both sides! It can be a little tricky to find the balance and hip positioning so I’m going to go through some handy tips for that.

Even if you’ve already got this trick down, have a look and check that you’re not falling into bad habits. I suggest recording your practice so you can review it and see where you can improve.

Watch ‘Jamilla Tips’ Video Blog below or click here!

Pole love,

Arlene xx

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