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Lux ATL: The Stripcraft Spellbook

Ladies, we have come to the end of our online studio review and I reserve no hesitation in stating that coincidence or not, the cliché ‘save the best for last’ absolutely applies to our final online studio review.

Thus far, we have brought you the breath-taking beautiful movements offered by Alethea Austin’s DVD range, the considerable collection of rocking tutorials from Cleo the Hurricane and her team of instructors, the authority and strength building skills of Xpert Master trainer Sarah Scott and her ‘Off the Pole’ online series. I really hope that if and when you decide to invest in any of these programmes that your pole journey is as enhanced as mine has been by a deepening appreciation of pole fundamentals that are embedded in each unique programme as well as having a tonne of fun along the way.

This week I am honoured to bring you a phenomenal fusion of raw stripper pole skills and self – empowerment: The Stripcraft Spellbook by Lux ATL – The stripper with a Phd

lux atl workshops irelandDr. Lindsay Byron. I feel like I do not need to say another word by way of introduction, as this lady speaks for herself with a huge social media presence, massive following and a message that slices through any armour a woman who knows her worth in this patriarchal prison wears on a daily basis.

I first met Lux via YouTube. I say met because one does meet Lux and when one does she speaks directly to you, to me, to us all. She is the toastmistress of women, of feminism in all its intersectional glory. There she was, all academic looking (glasses, carefully coiffed hair, professional attire) speaking about nipples!!! I was intrigued and inspired. Why? First of all, she was on a rant and reminded me of a young self when I got going. Second, she was swearing like a sailor which reminded me of me always when I get going. Third and most importantly, she was articulating ‘shit that don’t get said often enough’, ‘shit that I knew was true’.

This woman, this professional, educated woman was standing up for herself and by doing so standing up for women everywhere. This video alone reached deep into the part of me that had been near silenced; that had been stamped on by an excuse for a male and almost crushed under the weight of responsibility and respectability and professionalism.

The next time I experienced the magnificence of seeing dear Lux was a snippet of her ‘Sermon’. I literally could not believe my ears, I was entranced and I wanted to hear more. MORE, MORE MORE!!! Last year, Lux visited Irish Pole Dance Academy, I gifted myself with the opportunity to take her workshop over in our Galway sister studio, Studio 53. I had decided to kill two birds with one stone, a workshop for me, a family trip to visit my uncle out West.

lux atl workshops irelandIn all honesty, it was the worst and best weekend to be face to face with the one and only LUX Atl. I woke up with my period, all cramped out and cranky that morning. The Galway races were on and the traffic was brutal. I eventually arrived and was delighted to learn that we would sit and listen for the first 40 minutes of the 90 minute workshop. I was seriously in no shape to be learning new tricks.

What followed was quite possibly the single most important lecture I have attended in my life. Lux regaled us, she entreated us, she re-educated us. Seriously, it was like coming out of Aristotle’s fucking cave. In a single session, she exposed every untruth we believed as women about women, about men and then some.

Lux followed her ‘sermon’ with sensual movement which really took me out of my comfort zone, eye contact, smiling, grinding!!! Given my menstrual phase, I don’t think I really jammed with it much at all. Nonetheless, Lux had made her mark.

About a week later, the experience had started to settle down and while I was forever changed by it, I wanted, needed more. True to form, Lux ATL delivers. The Stripcraft Spellbook had been in the making during Lux’s European tour. I had started listening in to her podcasts and was delighted to access a membership to this gem, this companion, this roadmap to all the itty bitty bits of me that I have been trying to forge since the Iron lady appeared on our television screens in the batwing era of my pre-pubescent youth.

The Stripcraft Spellbook authored by Dr. Lindsay Bryon aka Lux ATL is a must have on every woman’s nightstand. I received access to the spell book on Valentine’s Day 2017 and I consider that synchronicity fitting. That night, as I read the introduction, I recalled the workshop ‘sermon’ afresh like I was still there. My spine tingled in excitement, butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I fell in love ANEW with the woman I am becoming, with the woman I am creating, with the wisdom shared in this incredibly intelligent, well referenced and carefully thought-out masterpiece.

lux atl workshops ireland

I say AM creating rather than will create because I am a ‘self-help’ veteran and acutely aware of the importance of tense of affirmation. I say AM creating rather than will create because I have experienced Lux’s workshops and the powerful effects of this charismatic, vulnerable, real woman. I see her, just as she saw me and every other woman in the studio that day. I saw me then too, possibly with the most astounding sense of hindsight ever. Holding Stripcraft Spellbook in my hands that evening, I realised Lux had gifted me with foresight. This is her mark on our world ladies, foresight. The power to choose and create ourselves ‘It is time to come out of the shadows, who cares about the cheers in the gallows, they ain’t gonna burn us witches’

The Stripcraft Spellbook is aptly named, it is a work of sorcery.

Membership comprises lifetime access to the website and its array of tools; book chapters, video sermons, movement tutorials, secret Facebook group and much more besides.

Lux’s online studio will help you to find empowerment in a way that no self -development model has before. Just one nugget from this veritable treasure trove is how she interrogates and challenges the patriarchal tool of pitting women against each other. Lux is all about Love and feminist uprising. Her wish is to change the world for women and the spell book is a manifestation of this desire. Through it Lux connects with women the world over on an individual private level. Within the intricate and beautifully designed pages you will find Lux ATL, her wisdom, her experience, her modus operandi. Be prepared to invest time and energy into yourselves ladies, be prepared to become a spell book sister, be prepared to become ‘super you’.

lux atl dublinThe Spellbook in addition to the introduction mentioned above is divided into Phases. Each phase contains key learning along with body and mind ‘spells’. Lux includes a time frame as well as an order of operations to follow on this journey. There is no rushing through this programme ladies. There is no ‘insta’ run before you can walk. There is no pressure/desire to try to keep up with the trending. This online studio is just about you. It uses pole as a conduit for empowerment but really, I’d give this programme to just about any female who I feel could get past the salubrious swearing long enough to let the ideas permeate her soul. Each phase includes a movement tutorial that focuses on using what your mammy and daddy gave you. No pole needed, so those of you who rely on the studio to practice your passion can heat up your living rooms with these often sassy, always smoking hot stripper secrets!!!

Phase 1: The Stripcraft Sermon
Lux at one of her finest hours.

Phase 2: Only you possess what you possess
Singularly the most profound and useful words in the English Language.

Phase 3: Be vulnerable
This chapter taps into who we really are, it is of immense importance.

Phase 4: No shame
Academic excellence!! This chapter exposes the matrix

Phase 5: No fear
Here, we learn about Dr. Lindsay Byron. Lux’s story is a platform for learning how to harness your own brilliance.

Phase 6: No apologies
We Irish are the worst for it, someone bumps into us, we say sorry! I remember my son picking up on it when he was so tiny and saying sorry each time he bumped the armchair.
Lux leads us through our ‘sorry’ history as women taught to defer and unveils the way out of this conditioning.

Phase 7: Just love
Notions of gender, competition among women, divide and rule. Lux explodes the patriarch in her penultimate chapter.

Phase 8: Tools of power
An indispensable chapter to help you;
• look back at how far you have come on the Strip Craft Spell book journey; your personal journey to a you created by you
• keep you looking forward and ‘getting shit done’

lux atl workshops ireland


  • Lux ATL in your own living room. The combination of sermon videos with movement tutorials in her online studio this means that there is something for everyone here. The sermons alone are essential reading/listening for every woman who ever walked the earth while the movement tutorials focus on harnessing raw stripper movements which will certainly lend an edge and some fun to your pole training.
  • A PDF copy of the strip craft teachings, this is such an incredible artefact to keep. I’m a book person and so I love that I can carry Lux’s teachings around with me. If you are not so into reading you can listen/watch to the spell book teachings.


  • This online studio seems pricey at first glance especially when you think about how many cute pole outfits you could buy, but really! You cannot put a value on what Lux does, she alters you and that ladies is priceless. There is most definitely bang for your buck in the Stripcraft Spellbook, the secret is to use it. Invest in yourself, pole clothes wear out but the wisdom Lux imparts you will last forever.

If you want feel in complete ownership and confidence in your own sexuality then Lux Atl’s stripcraft spell book is for you.

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"Shame. Shame. Shame.Shame is something we as women are indoctrinated into from the cradle the grave, in ways so…

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