Video Blog 32: Soar like a Butterfly!

Back when I was a pole dance student, this move was one of the most advanced moves at the time! I remember looking at my instructor in awe and wishing I could look as awesome as her while she demonstrated this trick!

Nowadays, this is achievable for most Intermediate students, once you’ve mastered the basic Butterfly. But as always, it’s worth remembering that the joy of pole dance comes with the learning. It’s not about which trick is the most difficult or the trendiest!!!

I’m going to show you how to do this move with correct technique so that you can maximize the length of your splits (even if you can’t do a full split on the floor yet) and feel safe and secure here.

So when learning this one, take your time! There is no rush to ‘nail it’. And once you do nail it, explore how you can make it feel natural and part of your bodies normal range of movement, then you will master it!

What’s more important is the journey, the joy of learning and moving to your rhythm. As we always say here at IPDA, ‘your own pace is the perfect pace’. Enjoy being a student.

Watch ‘Extended Butterfly’ video blog below or click here!

Pole love,

Arlene xx