Video Blog 50: Hip Bridge Body Roll Tutorial

Hello everyone!

I’m a bit delighted that this is the 50th tutorial I’ve made, hooray!!!

Today’s tutorial is a simple one; the Hip Bridge Body Roll, which is a beginner floorwork move. Not only is it a sexy floorwork move, it’s great for hip and spine mobility. It’s great to include as part of your workout, and when you master it, it can be included in your dancing or even in your warm-up.

beginner pole dancing tutorial dublin

Here are some key points to watch out for while practising:

  • Put the weight in the ball of your foot. If you’re barefoot, this means lifting your heels off the ground into a relevé.
  • Like a normal body roll, think of the movement coming from the hips, and the chest.
  • Articulate through your spine for the entire movement, vertebrae by vertebrae.
  • Once you have the movement, focus on creating flow and seamlessness between the ‘waves’.

Watch the video below for a full step by step breakdown of the Hip Bridge Body Roll:

Let me know how it goes for you!

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