Video Blog 52: Advanced Back Arch Slide Tutorial

Hello everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed my last tutorial of the Basic Back Arch Slide. Here’s a more advanced variation and is one of my signature moves (by signature move, I mean that I do it all the time, I certainly don’t claim to have invented it) 😉 It’s basically the same as the basic version, but we’re adding in a single leg extension to create a beautiful split with a backbend.

Note: This advanced version does require active flexibility. Please don’t be disappointed with yourself if you feel like you can’t get your leg high or straight just yet. I had to work very hard in order to get to where I am with this move. The good news with active flexibility is that it can be easily developed by practicing (both sides!).

Again, I’m wearing 8″ heels in this tutorial, I suggest trying this move barefoot initially and when you’ve got the hang of it, try it in heels! Of course I’m working from an assumption here that you’ve got strong ankles and are practiced in heels!

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Here are some key points to watch out for while trying this Advanced Back Arch Slide, to help you create the best shape possible for you:

  • Having your feet hip width distance apart and away from the base of the pole will create a more gentle and more comfortable backbend.
  • Think of the movement as sequential; start with your head and move down through your neck, shoulders, mid-back, lower-back to create a curve vertebrae by vertebrae.
  • The downwards motion is initiated by the bending of the back, not by the bending of the knees! In order to achieve this, think about pushing your hips up/forwards and do not allow the knees to bend until you have created your backbend (vertebrae by vertebrae as above in point number one).
  • When you feel more comfortable, you can focus on keeping a nice high relevé by extending your ankles.
  • Be aware of your balance as you raise the inside leg; you will need to push through the outside hand and you may need to adjust the outside foot slightly.
  • Keep on lifting high through your chest and hips as you extend that inside leg! Engage your leg from the hip and work to straighten your knee.
  • Remember to land gently: the back of your hand should reach the floor first, tuck your chin to protect your neck and hips land last.

Watch the video below for a full step by step breakdown of the Basic Back Arch Slide:

Let me know how it goes for you! Have fun playing with transitions into and our of this move!

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