Shawna Scott Workshop – Sunday 15th December 2019 @ 4pm

shawna scott sex siopa

This a slightly different guest workshop. Let’s get together and talk about all things sex toys and sex positivity!

This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to level up their body confidence, particularly when it comes to sex and sex toys. All sexual orientations, genders and body types are welcome.

Please use our Eventbrite page to reserve your place and as always please read all of the workshop info before reserving your place. Call us on 083 187 3602 or email [email protected] with any queries you have and we’ll be happy to help!

‘Sex Siopa Party’ with Shawna Scott:

shawna scott sex siopa workshop

A ‘Sex Siopa party’ is not your typical sex toy party. Shawna’s parties are fun, informative and educational. During this workshop, you will be armed with knowledge about the different types of toys, their uses, toy materials, and choosing the perfect lubricant. And because Shawna is a bit of a history nerd, you’ll also learn a bit about what our ancestors were getting up to before modern toys became popular.

Attending this workshop also gives you €20 store credit to use at Sex Siopa’s online store or in person at this workshop, so honestly why would you not sign up?!

What people are saying about Sex Siopa Parties:

“My friends and I ended up having a really honest conversation about our likes/dislikes/worries/fears/past experiences and more all guided by Shawna and her sex positive attitude! I left feeling like I’d learned a lot and with full body confidence! A great way to spend an evening with friends, couldn’t recommend Shawna and Sex Siopa enough!”

About Sex Siopa and Shawna: Sex Siopa is owned and operated by Shawna Scott, who started it to provide the kind of shopping experience she personally wanted and couldn’t find in Ireland. She wanted a shop that sold only bodysafe sex toys and was welcoming and inclusive to people of all body types, genders, and sexualities. To date she has won multiple awards for her work:

  • SME Awards 2016 – Best Online Retailer for the Irish Market
  • SME Awards 2015 – Best Online Retailer for the Irish Market
  • IE Domain Registry Optimise Award – 2014
  • Web Awards 2013 – Best eCommerce Site

She has also been featured on radio, television, podcasts, and print and enjoys talking about sex and sex toys at events and on panel discussions.

When she’s not selling sex toys around Ireland, Shawna loves doing embroidery, going on road trips, and eating the last biscuit.

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This workshop is 90 mins and priced at just €30 per person (including €20 store credit).

Workshop Terms and Conditions:
– Workshop places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.
– You can book your place using our link above: Full payment is required to reserve your space.
– Workshop places cannot be refunded: please ensure that you are able to attend before booking your place.
– Workshop places are transferable (ie: if you chose to cancel, you can give your space to a friend).
– You must arrive a minimum of 5 minutes early for your booked workshop. Latecomers will not be admitted.