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Here at the Irish Pole Dance Academy, we offer top quality Pole Dancing and fitness classes catered for all levels of ability and skill. We offer supplementary classes, such as flexibility and conditioning classes which are designed to aid your pole dancing. Whether you are a first-time beginner or advanced poler, we have a class suitable for you!

Every class is carefully designed to make you a well-rounded pole dancer, we ensure that you will have the strength, flexibility and fitness to perform each new move by incorporating conditioning and stretching exercises into each class. We always start every class barefooted with a warm-up on a yoga mat. Then we progress to pole tricks instruction, revision of previously learned material, learning a routine, new tricks and a cool down stretch. Every class includes choreography that includes all of the tricks and moves that you will be learning to further increase your fitness and provide a fun outlet for your creativity! We hope that you’ll feel rejuvenated in every class!

Wondering which Pole Dancing class will suit your level? Scroll down the page for all class descriptions!

pole dancing irelandIntroduction to Pole Dance:

As the title suggests, this is a class designed for first-time students who want to give pole dancing a try. These classes run as a 4-week series and are a gentle introduction to the art of pole dance and pole fitness; you will learn basic pole technique, spins and floorwork, and get a taste for what’s in store! From the first lesson you will be able to perform a short choreography with the pole.

Designed for absolute beginners, no previous experience is necessary to take part in this class! You will learn the fundamentals of pole dance in a relaxed and friendly environment. You can expect to get a great physical workout, have fun and make new friends. What better way to build strength, flexibility and (the best part!) tone your entire body while learning an exciting new form of dance!

pole dancing irelandBeginner Level:

These classes are designed for those who have completed our ‘Introduction to Pole Dance’ classes.

So now that you’ve had a taste of pole dancing, you’re ready to fully commit to achieving some serious results and transforming your body! The next step is to enrol in our Beginner 2 classes.

Throughout these classes you can expect to learn a range of tricks or spins around the pole, graceful transitions and dance choreography on and off the pole, which are all incorporated into fun dance routines. Building on from what we’ve learned in ‘Introduction to Pole Dance’, you will also learn the basis for more advanced skills and moves up the pole.

Typical progression through this level would be 6-8 weeks.

pole dancing irelandImprover Level:

This is a pole dance class for those who have already completed a Beginner Level series or already have a solid foundation in the basics of pole dance. You will be fully competent with climbing the pole and all basic spins and feeling stronger and more confident than ever!

This class will develop your pole dance skills further, whilst increasing your strength and flexibility to a higher level. We will be working on more advanced spins and linking them into combinations, as well as more difficult poses off the ground. We will gently start inversions and you will be taught in the safest possible manner, and only once you feel ready; cross-knee release, handstands, elbow stands, wrist-seat and basic inverted straddle are included in these classes.

In order to take this class you must be comfortable with performing a chair spin and pull-up crunch on both sides. Typical progression through this level would be 6-8 weeks.

pole dancing irelandIntermediate Level:

This is a pole dance class for those who are comfortable with inverting and performing combinations of spins and tricks.

Building on from Improver Level, we will continue to work on more advanced spins and combinations, tricks and dance transitions, as well as improving our inverting skills. We will be working on inverted combinations and tricks and work towards piecing together what we already know into beautiful, flowing combinations that will increase our strength and stamina. Routines combining floorwork, spins as well as inverted combinations will be covered.

To join this class you should already be fully comfortable with tricks such as cross-knee release, handstand, backwards shoulder roll and straddle / ‘boomerang’ spin . Having a basic inverted straddle on both sides is a must. Typical progression through this level would be 6-8 weeks.

pole dancing classes dublinHigher Intermediate Level:

So you are comfortable with spinning around the pole, climbing and inverting, but not yet at the ‘pro’ stage with your pole dancing? Let us help you to master all of your inversions and start with some more hard-core and daring tricks on the pole!

We will continue to learn advanced choreography with the pole and using our pole dance tricks in a fluid and beautiful manner (after all, pole dance is a visual art!), as well working on more challenging tricks and combinations that will help you to progress towards Advanced level.

To join is this you should be competent with performing inside and outside leg hangs on both sides, as well as cross ankle release, hip-hold, caterpillar, butterfly and reverse grab spin. Typical progression through this level would be 8-12 weeks.

pole dancing classes dublinAdvanced Level:

This is a pole dance course for people who are well and truly pole dance addicts and already have a solid foundation with performing advanced tricks.

This class is an hour of expert pole tuition where your needs to master new and exciting tricks and transitions will be fully addressed! The class includes advanced choreography/floorwork, spinny pole, conditioning exercises, long flowing sequences of pole dance tricks off the floor. We will work on advanced tricks to progress onwards and upwards to become the best that we can possibly be! You will learn combinations and tricks from your instructor’s winning performances and competition routines. We will also focus on breaking any bad habits we might have picked up (let’s face it, we all have them!).

Choreography is included in every class, so you will not only learn new tricks and technique to expand your repertoire but will also learn how move to music, dance through your tricks and perform! As pole dance is constantly evolving, there is no limit to the amount of knowledge you can gain. There is always a new challenge…

To take this class, it is essential that you can confidently perform tricks such as aerial inversions, gemini/scorpio (inside/outside leg hang), butterfly, shoulder-mount, superman, shooting star (jasmine), brass monkey and caterpillar climb.

pole dancing irelandFlexibility:

This is an ongoing class is for those who want to become more flexible, for dance, for fitness, or just for personal achievement! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be more flexible!

Throughout these classes we will aim to build upon whatever flexibility we already have, whether you are a complete beginner or a ‘bendy noodle’!

We will focus on active and passive stretches to build flexibility through a complete range of movement, as well as strengthening exercises for core, upper body and back muscles, legs and glutes, to aid flexibility training and improve our splits, straddles/‘pancakes’ and backbends.

There are no pre-requisites for this class, you just need motivation as it is never too late to become more flexible.

exotic dance irelandExotic Dance:

A class for those who want to embrace the sensual side of pole dance… This is an ongoing class where we will explore flow, movement and sensuality within our dancing. Floorwork and pole dancing will be combined in a weekly short routine to create beautiful movement and shapes that celebrate the ‘traditional’ side of pole dance. In this class you have permission to let your hair down, put your heels on, leave your troubles outside and get down and dirty with your dancing! You will get a good sweat and workout in this class, as standard!

We recommend wearing heels for this class. Dancer brand platform shoes are recommended (such as Pleaser, Ellie, Anthonys, etc.). Thick leg warmers or knee pads are also recommended.

Three levels of this class are available: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Whether you are just getting comfortable with the sexy side or well used to rocking your heels, we have a class for you! Please contact us before booking to chat to us about which level suits you.

pole dancing classes dublinSpinny Pole – Beginner Level:

The aim of this class is to introduce the basics of spinny pole. We will be covering pole spins, pretty shapes, sits, spins and combinations and sequences of all of the above catered for varying levels of ability. Get a solid understanding of how to use your bodyweight and momentum to best effect and conquer that spiny pole!

Spinny pole adds a great element of beauty to pole dance because the movements and shapes can be seen from all angles as the body stays in rotation. It also helps massively in building upper body strength and challenging your muscles in a new way! Come and spin, spin, spin with us!

This class is suitable for students who are at Introduction to Pole Dance level, Beginner Level and Improver Level.

pole dancing classes dublinSpinny Pole – Intermediate / Advanced Level:

The aim of this class is to build upon spinny pole technique. This class is for those who are comfortable with using the spinny pole. The aim of this class is to build upon our skills and continue to explore the dynamics of spinny pole.

We will work on inversions and creating sequences of flowing tricks with beautiful smooth transitions. We will work our spinny pole tricks and movement with music to create choreography. Having strong leg hangs on both sides is useful for this class, but not necessary.

This class is suitable for students who are at Intermediate, Higher Intermediate and Advanced Level.

Having completed several Spinny Pole 1 classes and mastered controlling your spins and climbs is a pre-requisite before joining this class.

pole dancing classes dublinConditioning for Pole Dance:

Do you want to become stronger on the pole? We have your solution!

Conditioning for Pole Dance is a class unique to the Irish Pole Dance Academy. Floor based exercises, exercises with the pole, resistance exercises, mobility exercises and more, this class is designed to help you to gain all over body strength that can be directly applied to the pole, as well as to keep your body strong, mobile and injury free! This class is suitable for all levels of ability; we help you to improve upon whatever strength you’ve got!

pole dancing classes dublinPole Play:

This is an open-training session for all students to come in and practice whatever they are currently working on in a safe, spotted, supportive environment. Come along and perfect those pole tricks, develop your choreography and transitions, stretch out your splits etc. and have fun with your fellow pole dance comrades!

pole dancing irelandPrivate Lessons:

One-to-one pole dance coaching tailored to your own specific needs and goals! Bring your ‘wish-list’, and our instructors will share their expert tuition and unique advice with you to help you to push past your own boundaries and achieve your pole goals!

We also offer choreographic preparation for competitions and shows etc.; bring your music and ideas and our experienced instructors will share tips from years of performing and competitive experience to help you to fine-tune and create a well thought out, creative, interesting and technically fluid choreography. Available by pre-booking and request only, please call us to arrange a session. You may share a lesson with up to 1 other student and up to 2 hours in duration if desired. Skype lessons are also available.