Instructor Training

The Essential Science of Heels Instructor Training

Written by Master Trainer Tiff Finney.

pole dancing instructor training ireland

Become a Certified Trainer in the essential fundamentals required to elevate and master all heel techniques. This training will prepare you to lead a multi-level pole heels class. Working on the essential skills needed to develop a safe and effective class structure.

This course focuses on heel work and technique, floor work and low flow pole; working through safe and effective best practice and how to teach the essential elements. This course will work through ankle conditioning, heel analysis, safety and aesthetics; and a comprehensive library of floor and low pole flow moves.

We require the participants to have at least 6 months previous pole experience, some heel experience is preferred but is not essential as the course is aiming to teach the foundations and important elements of heels for pole and how to teach this effectively and safely in a class environment.

Training Programme Includes:

  • Warm Up & Ankle Conditioning
    Heel Analysis
  • Compulsory Engagement for Safety & Aesthetics
    Footwork Patterns
  • Pointe & Flex Proficiency
  • Guides for Training Beginner Students
  • Example Heel Class Plans
  • Application of all Floor and Low Flow Techniques

This training is available in English. Pole specific heels must be worn.

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