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Member Spotlight: Xavi

Every month here at IPDA we love to pick out one member who’s been kicking ass (which is always a struggle because everyone kicks butt on a daily basis) and award them client of the month status with a lovely feature to celebrate their story and their awesomeness.

Normally I email and post these amazing stories over on our Reviews page, but after 8 years that page is getting quite long! So, going forward all of our Member Spotlight stories will be shared here on the blog, hurrah!

I’m delighted to bring you the latest instalment of our Member Spotlight: this month it’s Xavi!

Xavi is under the spotlight for many reasons, one of them being that they fully embody our mission statement and values at IPDA, especially honesty and integrity. Not only are they a status-quo smashing bad-ass, they also remind us all that pole dancing is about more than just getting fit and nailing moves, it’s about learning to love all of the parts of yourself.

Read their story here…

pole dancing classes in dublin
Xavi proudly mastering their nemesis move, the cupid pose!

“My goals when I started at IPDA were to get stronger and to feel better about my body, as I am recovering from anorexia. These things were important to me because lack of body confidence was restricting me a lot; I wanted to feel pride in what my body could do, rather than obsessing over how I looked.

I wasn’t a total stranger to pole dance when I joined, as I worked as a stripper when I was younger and had danced at another school before taking a break due to illness. What attracted me to IPDA was other dancers telling me that the classes placed a lot of emphasis on choreography and flow as well as tricks, didn’t shy away from the art forms roots in strip clubs, and were generally really sex worker positive. I’ve been dancing here almost a year now and these are still some of the aspects I best about this place. It’s also just a great positive place to be and has felt like a second home when things were rubbish at home and in other aspects of my life. The instructors challenge you and are genuinely interested in your journey, the dancers support one another and it’s the perfect environment to celebrate being unashamedly sexy. There’s still some days it’s tough being in a room of full-length mirrors, but it’s such a rush overcoming that fear to nail moves I was watching others do in awe a few months ago.

If I could say one thing to someone else thinking of starting pole dance, it’s be – sometimes the best gift you can give yourself is trying something that terrifies you. Do it ;)”