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How Pole Dancing Can Help You To Become More Successful!

I so often hear this from women…

“I don’t have time for exercise, I want to be more successful, so I just need to work longer and harder!”

It makes me a little bit sad when I hear that because often these ladies are already working mega long days and working as hard as they can. Can they work harder or longer based on their current routine? No!

So what should they do? They should exercise! More specifically, they should pole dance!

Working harder and longer will lead you to burnout. When you are burnt out, you are no good to anyone. And yes, I can speak from experience, I have been there!


We now know that actually healthier people, earn more than unhealthy people; studies have shown that healthier people earn more than their unhealthy counterparts at work.

Why is that though? How can fit and healthy people earn more? They are not necessarily any smarter and yet they still progress quicker. Why is this? Let’s talk about some of the positive effects that exercise can have on your work-life.

1) You’ll be able to focus better and for longer

Exercising for even just half an hour a day will increases your heart rate and dilate your blood vessels, helping more blood get around your body and crucially to your brain. An hour of pole dancing (twice a week for optimal results!), will accelerate this!


2) Better Decision Making

Again with the better flow of oxygen around the brain, it simply works better. The mind is able to process things quicker.


3) More Influence

Your physiological state, directly influences your psychological state. If you look and feel good, you will instantly have more confidence and that immediately comes across to those around you.

Exercising and using your muscles, also helps you burn off nervous energy and will make you feel more physically relaxed and confident.

Pole dancing is a great way to build confidence, in my opinion, the psychological benefits from pole dancing can have longer lasting effects than the physical! In a typical pole dancing class at Irish Pole Dance Academy you will make friends; your comrades are normal women just like you who want to achieve the same things that you want: to feel fitter, sexier and more confident and have fun!

Pole dancing is a more sociable activity than your usual exercise class or gym training session. The nature of pole dancing is just more fun as we are focusing on movement/dancing as well as fitness. It also allows you to learn how to more comfortable in your body so that you can get in touch with that sexy side of yourself, which quite often, women are told to suppress.


4) Build Better Relationships

Working out also causes the body to produce serotonin, a natural anti-depressant. This is the reason why you will always leave each class feeling like a rockstar!!!

If you are in a better mood, you will build better and stronger relationships with those around you.


5) More Productive

It has been shown that those who exercise, get more done in less time. They are way more productive than their non-exercising counterparts. Who doesn’t want to be a superwoman?


6) Better able to deal with the s***

When you exercise your stress levels decrease. When you are less stressed the crap that comes your way, that would usually seem like an epic drama, now appears as more manageable and you simply are better able to deal with it.

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7) It gives structure to your day

A lot of the time people get to the end of the day and they say, “I have been busy, but I just don’t know what I have really done”. When a busy person schedules in an hour of exercise into their day, suddenly the rest of their time becomes more productive and they tend to plan their day better. They know exactly what they are doing and when.


8) Ready to attack each and every day

Healthy people sleep better, which means they recover more during their sleep. If you recover well during your sleep, you will wake up and be ready to attack each and every day.

If you added all those things together, do you think you would be a better version of you, and more likely to be successful? Yes or yes???

Good! Of course you would!

So make a commitment right now and schedule in your sessions!


If you’re not yet already a member of Irish Pole Dance Academy, request a free consultation here and we will reach out to you to get you started in taking control of improving your health (and your life!) through pole dance!