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Floorwork: Hip Bridge to Plough

This is an intermediate level floorwork move that is the ‘sister move’ of the Plough to Hip Bridge! This move also uses shoulder engagement and shoulder pivoting, as well as finding your window and threading.

It can be useful to wear a hoodie or long sleeve top to make this more comfortable when learning! And as always, please make sure that you have full warmed up and are comfortable in a plough position before trying this move.

Important points to note:

• This movement is initiated from the leg which threads through the window underneath. The shoulders are actively engaged in this movement, however your legs are doing most of the pushing here! 

• Like the Plough to Hip Bridge, your hips will stay OFF the floor and your feet will stay ON the floor for the entire movement!

• As you get comfortable with the technique, pay attention to your arms and your shapes as you transition through the move and integrate it into your dancing.


Plough to Hip Bridge: