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Fitness Tips & Recipes

Hey pole lovers!

I am Kelly some of you already know me, for you’s who don’t, I teach in the Galway studio to all the lovely Galway boys and gals!

Just like all of you I am a big pole lover, whom is also very interested in fitness and nutrition.

So I have decided to share some fitness tips and healthy nutritional recipes that are easy to make while being guilt-free all at the same time. Feel free to try some of my recipes if you have any questions,comments or looking for some healthy alternative options my Facebook page is below ( remember to click save on the Facebook page)please comment,PM even post any pictures of your recipes you try, or share some of your own special recipes with the page, I also have no problem tasting some of your recipes just to make sure they are cooked correctly Face with stuck-out tongue and tightly-closed eyesFace with stuck-out tongue and tightly-closed eyes

I do personal training so if you would like some advice on what you could do in the gym or at home to help benefit your strength and core for pole class just ask.

I will post some exercises soon that you can do at home or in the gym if you do not have a pole at home.

Have a great  St.Patricks day, keep an eye on the page for some tips and recipes coming soon.

P.S I have just been given lots of eggs, I have a feeling the next few recipes might involve eggs…Face with tears of joy

Lots of love,