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6 Gift Ideas for Women who Love Pole Dancing

We’re getting down to the wire now with Christmas… We’ve put together a list of 6 perfect gift ideas for the girl who loves pole dancing to help you to drop those not-so-subtle hints to your loved ones and friends as to what you would like to see under your tree this Christmas!

Training DVDs

christmas gift for pole dancer

There are lots of amazing fitness DVDs on the market that are tailored for pole dance enthusiasts! These make a great gift as they can be used to supplement your pole training between classes, especially if you’re on a holiday / out of town and can’t attend a class. Our top picks are:

Workout Clothing

christmas gifts for pole dancers

When you are a pole dance student, you can NEVER have enough shorts, sports tops and leggings! Yes, we do work up a good sweat in every class, and we like to feel comfortable and look good while doing it. Sometimes Penney’s and Forever 21 sports range just don’t cut the mustard and we recommend treating yourself to good quality pole-specific workout gear! It lasts longer and fits better as it’s tried and tested by pole dancers for pole dancers.

We love Bad Kitty Pole Fit wear (and we have a range of shorts and tops currently in stock at IPDA Dublin!), Sway Polewear and Onzie Yoga Clothes.

Pleaser Heels

pleaser heels ireland

Here at IPDA we love our Pleaser heels… We believe that every pole dancer should have a pair! Not only are they super comfortable (the soles have extra soft padding) but they make your dancing look better by improving your lines. There is a plethora of unique styles in the Pleaser range which can be overwhelming for the first-time buyer, so we recommend choosing a pair that has good ankle support (ankle straps are a must have), 6 inches or 7 inches of a stiletto (unless you’re a pro and you want to go higher!) and avoiding anything that has diamantés (they look great but the diamantés will fall off with wear!). Sky-308 and Adore-708 are the most popular styles.

We have a range of Pleaser heels in stock at our IPDA Dublin studio and we regularly order in heels. Feel free to pop in during studio hours to browse our collection and speak to us about which heel will suit you best. We are experts in heels as we’ve tried and tested quite a lot of them!

Leg Warmers / Knee Pads

christmas gifts for pole dancers
We’re not talking about bringing the 1980’s back… We love knee pads and leg warmers as we find they make floorwork exercises and stretches more comfortable and they help our knees to stay bruise free! We spend a lot of time on our knees here at the studio (yes, feel free to insert a silly innuendo here, we’re used to it! Har har!) whether we’re doing a full-on floorwork choreography with spins and slides on the floor or giving our legs a good stretch. Knee pads provide a lot of cushion which protects and takes the pressure out of the knees when kneeling down, and leg warmers also provide good coverage and a light bit of cushion for the knees. Leg warmers also just look cool 😉 We have a range of knee pads and leg warmers for sale at the studio, in a range of colours!


christmas gifts for pole dancers

Typically moisturizer is NOT a pole dancer’s friend. However, the Body Shop have a body sorbet that is compatible with our skin grip needs! This has been tried and tested by pole dancers, including Sarah Scott, who swear by this!

Moisturizers and lotions are not advisable for pole dancers because we need our skin to be non-oily and greasy for gripping to the pole. We recommend staying away from anything that contains a lot of oils as you will find it compromises your hand and leg grip when you are in pole class, as well as leaving residue on the pole which is difficult to clean off afterwards! This body sorbet by the Body Shop is very light and non-greasy,  so we love this one! It also comes in a range of awesome flavours (the mojito one is my personal favourite!).

Home Training Accessories

christmas gifts for pole dancers

Again another great suggestion for a gift that you can use between classes, or when you’re out of town, a yoga mat and/or foam roller! We encourage regular stretching so a yoga mat is a must-have for every student when stretching at home. I love the Fitness-Mad Warrior II Yoga Mat. A foam roller is also a very useful gift as you can use it to roll stiff, achey muscles and promote recovery. I personally love the Jordan Rumble Roller, but I recommend the Trigger Point Grid Roller for anyone who’s not used to foam rolling!

Hopefully these suggestions will help you on your way to chosing good Christmas gifts this year! Let us know your favourites!

Arlene x

PS: Are you stuck for last minute Christmas pole shopping? Come and visit our ’boutique’ at our Dublin studio during open hours, or click here to visit our online store to browse gift ideas!